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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Working With Executive Recruiters: Help Me Contact You Quickly!

Recently I heard that a smartphone had become the most important fashion accessory. I don’t doubt it. It is a powerful tool, especially if one is properly connected. I have apps on my iPhone to fetch my email from each of my various accounts. Messages left on my desk phone are relayed to my cell phone via text. All of my data is backed up on the cloud and accessible via my iPhone. My iPhone includes apps for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, among others. My office is wherever I am, whenever. As a result, my clients know that I am at their service 24/7. I hardly think that I am unique among recruiters, so I am certain we are all working pretty much the same way.


In last week's post, I wrote about being prepared to talk with your recruiter. Now it’s time to talk about accessibility.  Just as I am accessible to my clients, my candidates must be equally available to me. When someone indicates interest in one of my searches I put their contact information into my database, tied to that search. I invite them to connect with me on LinkedIn and to opt into my mailing list. Accepting those invitations helps me stay connected to those folks, during and after the completion of the assignment. In an earlier post I stated that I prefer to make contact to a candidate’s personal email account; one they use regularly. Using a candidate’s work email address introduces a risk component that the candidate should avoid. Most companies don’t like their employees looking for another job while employed.  Using their company’s email account is like waving a big, red flag. Text messaging is becoming more important.   People who are gainfully employed can acknowledge and respond to a text message when they cannot respond via email or by telephone. It is especially useful for getting answers to questions where a yes or no answer is required.


So, what should you do to be most accessible to your recruiter? To begin with, ensure that your resume contains the appropriate contact information. Your home address is not important anymore. It is unlikely that you will be contacted via the U.S. Postal Service. Your cell phone number and your personal email address are critical. Secondly, be sure to put the recruiter’s information into your smartphone so that you will recognize that he is trying to contact you. You don’t want important email going into your spam filter, do you? My contact information is widely published and available on all of my emails. In fact, you should have a detailed signature block in your emails too. That tip makes it that much easier to respond to you, especially by phone or text. Finally, my best candidates keep me apprised as to their upcoming schedule so I will know if they are traveling or on vacation.


Life moves quickly. Technology has us connected like never before. We live in a real-time world, or very close to it. Business moves quicker than ever with the expectation for immediate results. “Time is of the essence” has taken on an entirely new dimension. We have tools like voicemail, email, text messaging, and LinkedIn among others. To be competitive one must be competent and technically savvy.


To ensure that I am in the best position to help you land that next job, make sure that I can easily reach you when I need you. Use technology to your advantage. Ensure that all of your contact information is on your resume and in the signature block of your emails. Keep me abreast of your calendar, especially your travel plans. Make sure that my contact information is in your contact list as well.


Help me help you!

1. Include your full contact information in all correspondence.

2. Make your communications smart phone friendly.

3. Use the full capabilities of your technology.



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Jim Weber, President
New Century Dynamics Executive Search
Author of: Fighting Alligators: Job Search Strategy For The New Normal









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Monday, May 19, 2014

Your Image Matters!

A few years ago I let my image deteriorate.   I put on a lot of weight that slowed me down and affected my self-worth.  I had outgrown my wardrobe so I decided to take action.  For me, that is a big deal as my suits and trousers are organized by "thin," "normal," and "big-boy."   When I began to move beyond "big-boy" status, I knew that I was in serious trouble.  Okay, to be honest my golf group had a bet to see who could lose the most weight before our annual Spring Trip, six months out.  So, now in my mid-50s, I knew that weight loss would be a bit more challenging.  In the past, when I went on a weight-loss program, I counted and logged my calorie intake and had a solid exercise routine.  This time, I followed the same formula, but signed up for Weight-watchers’ on-line program.  Their app is loaded with useful tools and convenient to use when added to your iPhone.  My exercise routine was a little less aggressive, substituting a brisk 30-minute  walk five days a week for my former jogging routine.  Hey, I don't want to stop playing golf because I ruined my knees. 

Additionally, I did some dietary research to learn the latest in healthy eating.  From that research I learned two things.  First, I needed to get more protein in my diet, approximately 90 grams a day.   Also, white starchy carbohydrates, especially salty snacks, had to go.   I am happy to say that within 6 months, I had reached my ideal weight, and won the bet.  Of the 12 people in the who started, only two of us stayed with our goal.  Both of us were using the Weight Watchers program, otherwise we were not that different from rest of the group.  The fact that we are Fraternity Brothers probably did not make much difference either.  My biggest take-away form this effort is that a proper diet becomes more important to weight loss as we age because the ability to power through via exercise becomes more difficult.

Your image makes a difference!  It is important to the prospective hiring manager, and to you!  The hiring manager is making an evaluation of your health and stamina, reflecting your ability to keep up with the demands of the job.  She is also considering how the company will be judged if you are its representative.  Your confidence and self-worth is likely impacted by your approval of your image.  If your self-confidence is negatively affected by your image, you will not perform well at interviews or at networking.  The self-confidence that comes from having a good physical image will result in a more successful job-search campaign.

I am by no means an image consultant so the wisdom I am passing along is based on my personal

history.   My intention is to reinforce some obvious points and pique your interest.  In doing a bit of research on The Web, I found quite a bit of information on the subject.  If you are interested in exploring this topic further, you are only a click away from a wealth of information.  Now, to be fair, when I think speak of image, I am thinking "age-appropriate."  I do not recommend trying to craft an image better fitting a twenty, or thirty-something.  Believe me, you will not be taken seriously if you go in that direction.  The benefit of age is experience and wisdom.  Personally, that is exactly what I want my image to reflect, plus a healthy dose of energy and zest for life.  I hope you agree.

While you are between jobs, work on your image.  Do something for yourself.  An appropriate physical activity will help you look and feel better.  It will also burn off a lot of the stress that comes from the ups and downs of job-search.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Your feedback helps me continue to publish articles that you want to read.  Your input is very important to me so please leave a comment.


Also, I have a one question survey that will help me determine the best topics to cover.  Please click on the link below provide  your feedback.




Jim Weber, President

New Century Dynamics Executive Search




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